Hotel Limani - Bozcaada

Cafe du Port is on the ground floor of Hotel Limani. It has a direct view of the harbor. This is a cafe-restaurant-bar where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks throughout the day and into the late hours. There is no television in Cafe du Port. We think you will find the maritime ambience and endless vista of humanity strolling past is entertainment enough.

A bewildering variety of hot and cold drinks, plus savories and snacks, are available throughout the day.
Afiyet Olsun!

CAFE DU PORT - Restaurant
On the menu are delectable offerings to satisfy the taste buds of everyone, prepared with loving devotion by our own cook. We pride ourselves on being a little different. The menu is a blend of Continental and Turkish Traditional with a touch of class. For breakfast there is an open buffet - all you can eat! - or ask for a herb-flavored omelet, Croque Madam / Monsieur, or Eggs Florentine, for example. There is a wide selection of dishes for lunch or dinner, including vegetarian, e.g. Rocca Parmesan Salad, Steak Robespierre, Potato Soup with Almonds, Chicken Schnitzel, Buttered Salmon. Take your pick. Wash down your Gourmet Whole Lamb Chops or Shrimp Risotto with a glass of Karalahna wine, Southern Comfort, 7 star Metaxa, or Dom Perignon if you’re in the mood to celebrate.
Bon Appetite!

During the day you can watch the comings and goings in the harbor. After sunset you may be mesmerized by the moonlit view of the castle on the opposite shore of the Dardanelles or be hypnotized by the nearby lighthouse flickering on and off.
At the bar you can order fresh and Detox drinks, more than twelve different coffees and iced coffees, soft drinks of all varieties, aromatic teas and coffees, Cafe du Port Specials, and classic/fresh/martini cocktails. Your favorite beer is sure to be here. Mojitos and Shots - just ask. The selection of spirits includes most popular brands of whiskey, rum, tequila, gin and vodka.
. Hotel Limani is situated on the waterfront of Canakkale city on the Dardanelles Straits between Troy and Gallipoli. .