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Address: Yalı caddesi No:12, CANAKKALE / TURKEY

Useful advice on how to get to Çanakkale

By Air: This is the fastest way to get to Çanakkale. Flights are reasonably economical and tickets can be booked online. They do not run every day so check whether the time is convenient for you. Çanakkale airport is only about 10 minutes drive from Hotel Limani in the center of town.

By Bus: Inter-city services to Çanakkale are frequent and comfortable with at least one long break (20 mins) on the Istanbul/Izmir routes and more on the Ankara route. Tickets for some companies can be booked online. Bus companies have pick-up points at spots around Istanbul to take you to the bus terminal. These are very convenient, if you can find them. Çanakkale is small. Aim to get off the bus at the ferry jetty (iskele), just 50 meters from our hotel, not the main bus station, which is out of town. Don't worry if you arrive there anyway, there are service buses coming into town. We can arrange Transfers. If you let us know when you will arrive, our staff can organize your transfer to the hotel. *We can organize transfer to our hotel from the bus station for guests who have booked via our web page and are staying more than 2 nights.

By boat: Coming by boat sounds attractive, and is certainly more picturesque, but may work out longer depending on waiting time. The sea bus from Yenikapı in Istanbul to Bandırma on the other side of the Marmara is run by İDO Istanbul Fast Ferries (İDO = İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri) and takes 1 hour 20 mins. The bus ride from Bandrma to Çanakkale takes about 2 hours 16 mins. Make sure of the bus connections when you arrive in Bandırma. Please note that there have been no direct ferry or boat services between Istanbul and Çanakkale since the 1950s, in case you were thinking of doing it that way.

İstanbul- Çanakkale:
The following bus companies run services from Istanbul (Harem Esenler terminals) to Çanakkale: Truva, Metro, Kamil Koç, Ulusoy, Istanbul Seyahat. Hotel Limani is 50 meters from the disembarkation point at the Çanakkale ferryboat jetty. The journey takes about 6 hours and one-way tickets are usually about 35 TL.

Services from the Izmir bus station to Çanakkale are run by the following firms: Truva, Metro, Kamil Koç. The journey lasts about 6 hours and tickets are about 35 TL.

Ankara-Eskişehir-Bursa Çanakkale:
Two bus companies run services from these cities direct to Çanakkale: Truva, Kamil Koç. The journey takes approx. 12 hours from Ankara. Tickets cost about 45 TL.

A sea bus service run by İDO from Yenikapı in Istanbul to Bandırma takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. From Bandırma it is 180 km (estimated journey time 2 hours 16 mins) by bus to Çanakkale.

Flights Istanbul - Çanakkale:
BORA JET (from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, SAW)
ANADOLU JET (from Atatürk Airport, IST)

Flights Ankara Çanakkale :
ANADOLU JET (from Ankara Esenboga Airport, ESB)

After arriving at Çanakkale Airport, our hotel is only 3 km away. If you take a city bus from the airport to the ferry terminal (iskele), our hotel is 50 meters away on foot.

*We can organize transfer to our hotel from the airport for guests who have booked via our web page and are staying more than 2 nights.

City plan showing route from Çanakkale airport to Limani Hotel

Bus route map from Istanbul to Çanakkale

Bus route map from Izmir to Çanakkale

Bus route map from Ankara to Çanakkale

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. Hotel Limani is situated on the waterfront of Canakkale city on the Dardanelles Straits between Troy and Gallipoli. .